Diane Abbott is disappointed with Sadiq Khan Mayorship.

Last week Sadiq Khan appeared on Good Morning Britain, where host, Suzanne Reid passionately grilled  Sadiq about the rising death toll in the capital. Suzanne, mother to three boys, said she is afraid to let her children out in London and fears for their safety. Mr Khan responded by saying that the knife crisis that has rocked London, could take a decade to fix.

This claim from the mayor received widespread condemnation and on Thursday evening, during an appearance on BBC Question Time, Shadow Home secretary, Diane Abbott, said she was “disappointed” with Mr Khan’s pessimistic outlook. Going on Mrs. Abbott said that to “write off a generation is disturbing”. Dianne Abbott and Sadiq Khan are both Labour colleagues, it does, however, appear that support for the London Mayor is now waning even from his own party. A source later said “there are question marks over Sadiq’s abilities to resolve this crime wave”.

Could we be seeing the first steps in Labour distancing themselves from the failing mayor?