The crimewave that has rocked London continued last week with twenty stabbings recorded in the last 7 days, two murders, two shootings and several muggings, including the brutal assault on a 98 year old pensioner in his own home.

This news comes following London mayor, Sadiq Khan’s announcement that it could take “a decade to solve the knife crime”. Mr Khan was lambasted, even by his own colleagues including, Diane Abbott who described Mr Khan’s analysis as “deeply concerning and disappointing”.

It brings London’s murder toll for 2018 to 121. It is thought that there has been over 2,500 stabbings in the capital, since 2018. 

There were two shootings recorded, one of these was shootings were at Police in Kennington, on the 6th November. Two men, a 19 year old and a 20 year old were both arrested.